Brand Guidelines

This is a guide to the elements that make up Kentucky Growers. It includes sample executions that demonstrate how to bring our identity to life.


Primary Logo

This logo is the guiding post for the Kentucky Growers brand. It conveys the future of our work – and the character of our organization. It is our primary logo for all communications.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo should be used when the application is not in an insurance context.

Logo Examples

Clear Space

Always keep a standard amount of white space, as measured by the lowercase o, around the secondary logo.

Improper Uses

1. Do not stretch or skew the logo.
2. Do not pull apart the logo.
3. Do not color the logo.
4. Do not rotate the logo.
5. Do not add elements to the logo.
6. Do not adjust letter spacing in the logo.
7. Do not outline the logo.
8. Do not add drop shadows to the logo.


The symbol is inspired by our dedication to supporting the lives of Kentucky families.


The Kentucky Growers logotype is rendered here for limited use on materials when absolutely necessary.


Color has an enduring emotional appeal. Kentucky Growers’ colors are friendly and trustworthy. By pairing the colors consistently, you can harness Kentucky Growers’ personality.

Trust Blue
Pantone 534
CMYK: 95 | 74 | 07 | 44
RGB: 62 | 52 | 75
HEX: #06344b

Inviting Blue
Pantone 549
CMYK: 30 | 7 | 0 | 28
RGB: 90 | 156 | 186


Brand Typefaces

Fonts express as much as words. They convey feeling, establishing a consistent and ownable visual language for Kentucky Growers.

Harriet Display Bold is the headline font. The body copy font is GT America Regular.


Body Copy

Alternative Typefaces

If the brand typefaces have not be purchased or are unavailable use these alternative typefaces.

Playfair Display Bold is the headline font. The body copy font is Libre Franklin Regular.

Alternative Headlines

Alternative Body Copy


Intentional photography in a consistent style enhances the Kentucky Growers brand. We show intimate and important moments that happen in a home, not a house by itself. By focusing on memories and moments over structures, we can harness the values and personality of Kentucky Growers.


Foundational Language

This language is the cornerstone of Kentucky Growers communications. It provides the keywords for all language. Use the taglines in broad external communications.

Descriptive Tag

Home-Grown Mutual Insurance

Tagline (short)

For Good

Helping Kentucky Families Grow

Elevator Pitch

Kentucky Growers is a property and casualty insurance provider for homes and farms in rural and suburban Kentucky. We were founded in 1896 for growers, by growers. As a mutual insurance company, we work for our policyholders, supporting their lives. Everything we do is in service of the families that make Kentucky a better place to live.


When referring to this company, refer to it as Kentucky Growers in internal communications and external communications, with the exception of sponsorship contexts. When identifying your company as a sponsor, refer to it as Kentucky Growers Insurance Company.


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Thank you.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Rus Whalen